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Hockey Canada finally releases Sochi 2014 jerseys

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Hockey Canada President CEO Bob Nicholson looks on as youth players model the new Golden Tate Jersey Youth Canadian Olympic team hockey jerseys as they are unveiled in Toronto, Tuesday, Oct.8, 2013. Frank Gunn/THE CANADIAN PRESS

12 gold maple leaves to represent Hockey Canada total number of Olympic and Paralympic gold medals eight in men hockey, three in women and one in sledge. Hockey Canada

After a series of false starts and Internet leaks, Hockey Canada released its 2014 Olympic team jerseys.

The jerseys are red, white and black and were designed in partnership with Nike promises a lightweight uniform that will enhance speed for the men women and sledge hockey squads.

These ones are eerily similar to ones previously rumoured and mocked online. Hockey Canada had to get ahead of the story and released a statement saying Oct. 8 would be the big unveiling.

As reported by National Post Sean FitzGerald, Cheap Golden Tate Jersey who was live at the unveiling, the organization is supremely confident of winning a certain yellow coloured medal.

But as the web page selling the jersey says, will see 12 gold maple leaves to represent Hockey Canada total number of Olympic and Paralympic gold medals eight in men hockey, three in women and one in sledge. Canada already offers the new jerseys forsale on their web sitefor the low, low price of $140 and you get a free gift with each order, although no further details seem available perusing the web pages.

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I'm running startup repair as I type this

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I'm running startup repair as I type this.

What am I doing wrong? I'm an avid downloader and gamer, I admit to some heat issues with my graphics card, I have only 1 instances with viruses in these years, I keep my case pretty clean. So what can I do to prevent future failures?

For the record, the failed HDD was Maxtor, Seagate, and now WD. They were all 4 or even 5 egg rated on Newegg, so it's not like I'm buying total POS hard cheap michael kors outlet drives that would not surprise anyone they fail this often.

Any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it because as you may guess, this is getting frustrating.

2 years is not normal for me. I have a notebook with a 6 year old hard drive and it's still going and my desktop has one drive that is 5 years old and the other that is 4 and it's still going. I keep my desktop on almost all the time (I fold).

I'd say heat is the most likely culprit. As henryvalz mentioned, if it's heavily used, the life goes down. I would make sure that you have good air flow in your case (assuming that it is a desktop), keep it dust free (blow it out occasionally. Make sure that your drive is not mounted in a location that has something directly above and below. Maybe buy an adapter that allows it to mount in the optical drive area of your case since there is typically more room there. You could also run your rig with the side of your case off to reduce heat.

One thing you may also consider doing is separating your OS and data on 2 hard drives. So install your OS and software on one, then keep all your pictures/videos/documents/etc on another. That way the work gets split up between 2 drives.

Well, since most people mentioned heat. I'm inclined to side with you fellas.

I think I need a major overhaul on a new case, new fans, etc. Might as well buy a new PC tbh as I think it would benefit me from avoiding all this frustration.

I do have two HDs actually, one is dedicated to just windows, drivers, etc.

Also, about power outages. I just had one about two days ago, but the PC had been running fine since. Could it have lasted a mere 2 days before giving up?

Hard drives are supposed to be able to retract heads in the event of a sudden power outage.

I am not at all certain that if this happens frequently you might not have a problem. I suggest a minimal ups which will give you a couple of minutes to louboutin Outlet shut down gracefuly. Look to APC which has an app that will do this for you if your pc is unattended.

There are some apps like speedfan which will give Christian louboutin Outlet you your hard drive temps.

It sounds to me that you need to open another post with your specs and what you might do for an upgrade.

It would be high number, Christian louboutin Shoes Replica if u would have used only 3 HDD's, so how many HDD's did u use so far?

I admit to some heat issues with my graphics card, I have only 1 instances with viruses in these years, I keep my case pretty clean. So what can I do to prevent future failures?

What are the specs? If u have weak no name PSU and are on the peak with watts used, lets say u use 80% of the power when u game, that could be strong reason.

For the record, the failed HDD was Maxtor, Seagate, and now WD. They were all 4 or even 5 egg rated on Newegg, so it's not like I'm buying total POS hard drives that would not surprise anyone they fail this often.

OK, newegg rating is = most customers over there is high on tech, but low on knowledge, don't believe those ratting too much.

Any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it because as you may guess, this is getting frustrating.

Use only quality PSU with at least 150200Wats over your needs, use quality mobo, as some have surge protection build in, but use UPS with Automatic Voltage Regulator or Surge SuppressorGoogle also did a study about drive failures (they have a lot of drives). Their study indicated, paradoxically, that drive temps did not have that great of an effect on failure rates:

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ESPN anchor Stuart Scott battling cancer

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ESPN anchor Stuart Scott is battling cancer according to the sports network.

He will attempt to maintain a normal schedule as he undergoes chemotherapy after doctors discovered cancerous tissue, according to online reports.

Stuart Scott, 45, previously worked for WESH in Orlando before making the leap to ESPN in 1993 where he quickly became a popular personality with his signature catchphrase Yah! Scott underwent chemotherapy four years ago when doctors discovered a malignancy during an emergency appendectomy in 2007.

"There are 28 million cancer survivors worldwide," Scott said in a statement. Can't tell you how much I appreciate everyone's well wishes and support. I'll be back at work soonprobably sooner than you think. As is so common with ESPN anchors, at some point the schtick stopped being cute and it became more about him than about the sports. I don mind schtick, but not when it gets to the point where the highlights become just an opportunity for Scott to showcase his latest catchphrase, and not at the point where sports becomes The Stuart Scott Show. For me, sportscasters (and newscasters) should be the way we think of the referees in sports: when they doing their job properly, I shouldn know they there, and afterwards, I shouldn remember who it was. (I fully aware I in the minority here.)

That said, I certainly don wish him ill, and I hope he makes a full recovery. Best wishes to him.

Happy holidays! Sentinel Sports Now blog has moved

Video Magic fan begs Dwight Howard to stay after leaving dentist

Ryan Braun positive PED test due to medication, report says

Todd Graham job hop Cheap K.J. Wright Jersey to Arizona State shows weakness of NCAA

Rick Perry said he hopes to be the Tebow of Iowa caucuses VideoDouglas J. announcer for Bowl K.J. Wright Jersey gamesRyan Braun positive PED test due to medication, report says Orlando Sentinel (blog) San Francisco Luxury Living San Francisco Luxury Living on Ryan Braun positive PED test due to medication, report saysBrolando on Todd Graham job hop to Arizona State shows weakness of NCAAkooly on Todd Graham job hop to Arizona State shows weakness of NCAA

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The Missed Education of African Girls

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In Africa, it's said if you educate a man, you educate an individual. When you educate a woman, you educate a nation. Still, in Africa, two thirds of the children who should be in school but are not are girls. Part of the problem is economic and part resulting from a society only beginning to focus on the needs of girls.

For today's installment of our series, Portraits of Poverty, NPR's Charlayne Hunter Gault reports from Malawi in southern Africa.

(Soundbite of children)Morning classes at Enjolo(ph) Primary School in Enjolo Village, Malawi, a 30 minute ride outside the capital, Lilongwe. An equal number of boys and girls learning together. In some respects, a model school on the African continent, where close to 60 percent of children out of school are girls. UNICEF's Aida Girma.

Ms. AIDA GIRMA (UNICEF): The problem of girls' education is an issue in most countries in Africa, indeed, in developing countries. Because of the low status of women in our societies, I think the girls' education is not always valued.

HUNTER GAULT: Women are considered inferior to men in many parts of Africa and this is expressed in a variety of ways. Women feed men first and give them the best food. They often get the most menial jobs and men are always first.

Enjolo Primary School is located in a poor rural village about 30 minutes outside of Lilongwe. Pupils sit among village cows during class breaks. Despite the government's commitment to education, it still lacks resources. Thanks to UNICEF, this school has two concrete classroom buildings and some desks.

There's still not enough for the more than 1000 students. Some classes of as many as 100 students are conducted under a big tree near the school buildings. Nelson Kaperemera is Malawi's director of basic education.

Mr. NELSON KAPEREMERA (Director Basic Education, Malawi): We still have some communities where the value of education for girls is still being doubted, because in the past they were valuing sending boys to school. But I think that is now changing. There's been a lot of social mobilization campaign to try and increase girls' access to education.

HUNTER GAULT: Those campaigns, coupled with the government of Malawi's decision to introduce free primary education some 12 years ago, one of the first to do so on the African continent, have resulted in over 90 percent enrollment for both boys and girls.

But issues still remain, in particular those having to do with sexual safety and exploitation. School inspector Chrissy Calacharo(ph) says that in many schools in Malawi, there's a problem of male teachers taking sexual advantage of their female students by forcing them to have sexual intercourse or touching them.

Ms. CHRISSY CALACHARO (School inspector, Malawi): The abuse of girls by some teachers is happening at the schools, and sometimes the teachers, if they are not the actual sexual intercourse, but they like touching, touching (unintelligible). Some girls, especially when they reach ages of 15 or 14, they drop out of school.

HUNTER GAULT: Enjolo has provided separate toilets for boys and girls. But at a nearby school, we are shown what Calacharo says is the norm, a small cluster of putrid open pit latrines made of mud bricks worn to mere shells by rain and lack of repair.

We watch as Cheap Steven Hauschka Jersey boys go in and out freely.

(Soundbite of children playing and cheering)

HUNTER GAULT: But 13 year old Alice Maseko(ph) says she and many girls are concerned about being sexually assaulted in the latrines.

Ms. ALICE MASEKO (Student): (Speaking foreign language)

Ms. CALACHARO: She says she fears, because there are no doors there, therefore the boys can see them.

HUNTER GAULT: Addressing such challenges has been done in part by the mothers group, organized with the help of UNICEF.

Jamalese Sedekhani(ph), a mother of six girls, was one of about a dozen members of the mothers group gathered in the schoolyard. She says the group Super Bowl Steven Hauschka Jersey has helped keep girls at school in several ways. Unwanted pregnancies due to sexual violence continue to be a problem, but the mothers have convinced some of the girls to come back after they've had their babies.

But she and other women appear to be proudest of stopping a cultural practice in Enjolo which they say was not only resulting in pregnancies but was also spreading HIV AIDS girls' coming of age initiation rights. Thea Melosi(ph), a mother of four girls, described what she called the dangerous cultural practice.

Ms. THEA MELOSI (Mother): (Through translator) The custom was that when the girl was initiated, she was then forced to do sex with a grown up person so that the girl would be cleansed.

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Police Back Private 'Drunk Tanks' For Revellers

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In Santa Barbara, California, the city council pays a private company to run the Santa Barbara Sobriety Center, where police take drunks as an alternative to jail.

Officers can take intoxicated individuals there if they determine that they have not committed any other offence and will not put up resistance.

Those lucky enough to end up there are likely to get a warm blanket and counselling from staff before leaving hours later without Authentic Max Unger Jersey a stain on their criminal record.

But in neighbouring Isla Vista, anyone suspected of public intoxication is immediately arrested and locked up at Santa Barbara County Jail until they sober up.

A retired deputy sheriff with 21 years experience told Sky News that the term drunk tank usually applies to a jail holding area, although many big cities have special cells for drunks.

Inmates are generally sent to the tank designed to be easily hosed down because they are too drunk to complete the booking process.

But he said detox centres like the Santa Barbara facility where drunks are likely to escape without formal arrest and a criminal record are becoming more common.

The New South Wales Government has been trialling "sobering up centres" in Sydney, with drunks at risk of being locked up in two locations in the city.

A mandatory police run facility in the city Central Business District has sparse cells measuring approximately 8ft x 8ft, while another non mandatory centre in Coogee is run by a non government Max Unger Womens Jersey agency.

The police run approach sees people judged to be drunk and disorderly locked up and ordered to pay a charge for their time in the cells.

The non government centre requires drinkers to agree to their stay, with no charge or fine attached.

But the plan has met with opposition from politicians and campaigners who said it was a dangerous, retrograde step.

Opposition health spokesman Andrew McDonald said: "You cannot tell if somebody has had too much to drink, too much of a dangerous drug or has a head injury or diabetes.

"The reason that these drunk tanks were abolished in the first place was because people used to die in police cells when they were not being observed."

Similar centres already operate in Victoria, Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.

Civil rights organisations have complained that locking people up for 24 hours sometimes strapped to a bed before charging an release fee, is a gross violation of human rights.

But the greatest threat to the Polish drunk tank is government cuts.

Austerity measures have seen the number of centres fall from 64 in 1994 to just 34 as councils struggle for funds, with hospitals forced to absorb the problem in many cases.

The main hospital in the central town of Kielce saw an increase in drunk admissions from a dozen per month when it had a drunk tank to 160 after the facility shut down.

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